BUFETE ALEXANDER PITTS is a Madrid law firm founded in 1978 with the object of providing company and commercial legal services to foreign companies. And to their Spanish subsidiaries. The firm has for many years been a partner of HISPAJURIS, the leading network of law firms in Spain, with over 40 offices spread across the country.

The characteristics of the firm are:

· its commitment to high quality and personal service
· its small size
· over 30 years' experience in handling international commercial and corporate matters - as well as purely Spanish commercial and corporate matters

The firm offers a completely bi-lingual capability - English/Spanish - in all areas of its activity; correspondence and other communications, legal advice, negotiations, contracts and other legal documentation.

The firm's special position resulting from its bi-lingual capacity and its particular knowledge and experience of the comparative "common law" / "civil law" legal systems in the field of commercial and company law, and the founder's years of experience in one of the leading international law firms, has meant that the firm has, and has always had, a mixture of clients ranging from large multinationals to small companies.